Infos utiles

Before setting off :

  • I check my equipment, the level of the route and the weather conditions
  • If I am going alone, I inform my friends and family of my itinerary
  • I check the map of fire hazards on the website:

In the mountains / pastoral zone :

  • I follow the marked paths and close the barriers after I have passed through
  • I respect nature and bring back my waste
  • If I am accompanied by a dog, I make sure that it is allowed to walk with me on the chosen route, and I keep it on a lead
  • During the hunting season, I avoid the hunting areas / I turn back
  • I go around the herds and do not approach the shepherds' dogs (do not feed them or stroke them)
National Park :
  • The heart of the National Park is a natural territory, open to all, but subject to regulations that are part of a code of good conduct. Dogs are not allowed, even on a lead. More info:

In order to "succeed in my hike" and to cover the kilometres of paths in complete safety, there are a few universal rules to respect, a few good gestures to adopt.

The website provides an overview of all the best practices.

A problem ? Report it !

In the event of problem (lack of markings, maintenance problems, environmental problems...), do not hesitate to signal this problem by using the reporting tool available on the route page, on the website (button under the map) or in the mobile app. You will be able to geolocate the problem and also send a corresponding photo. The Espace manager will be automatically notified of your report and will be able to check and deal with the problem.